About NAVF

Activism driven outperformance in Japanese equities.

Nippon Active Value Fund plc (NAVF) is an activist investor targeting attractive levels of capital growth from investing in small and midcap Japanese companies.

Corporate governance reform and key regulatory changes in Japan have created an environment for increased shareholder activism which coupled with very low valuations offer investors the potential for outsized returns now and in the future.

NAVF is advised by Rising Sun Management which is led by James Rosenwald and Gifford Combs who have delivered uncorrelated activist investment returns in Japan over decades. They are backed by a proven team which includes RSM Chairman Paul ffolkes Davis as well as analysts and corporate finance specialists based in Tokyo who have extensive experience in negotiating with and investing in Japanese companies.


Introduction to Nippon Active Value Fund plc (NAVF)

Paul ffolkes Davis and Gifford Combs, of the investment advisor Rising Sun management, discuss NAVF’s approach to activist investing in small and midcap Japanese companies.